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                Our Services

                Why the raw material of surface plate is cast iron

                2015-04-20 By jianxin company

                Complex construction easy to shape The surface plates which are made in cast iron are easier to shape, especially for complex construction workpieces; on other aspect, casting on time can be low down the cost. ---Read more>>

                Storage instructions of cast iron straight edge

                2015-04-14 By jianxin company

                Cast iron straight edge is premature damage or there is something wrong in precision grade because of improper use. We should pay more attention in using and storage in order to increase its service life. ---Read more>>

                What we need to know before purchasing the cast iron surface plate

                2015-03-23 By jianxin company

                Cast iron surface plates are widely used in machinery industry, car industry, three-coordinate measuring machines industry and so on, following the increase of quality demands, the information of providing are all over the internet, how should we choose? ---Read more>>

                How to use the cast iron square box lineation

                2015-02-06 By jianxin company

                How to use the cast iron square box lineation? The method of lineation through cast iron square box: The raw material of cast iron square box is grey cast iron and it is a cube from 100m to 500mm, the dimensional accuracy is 0.01-0.05mm, the relative surfaces are parallel to each other. ---Read more>>

                What is the operating instruction of welding surface plate

                2015-02-06 By jianxin company

                What is the operating instruction of welding surface plate? Anti-corrosion method when using welding surface plate: 1. Keep the workshop clean, reduce humidity, dehumidification in summer and in winter when should prevent the rust caused by frost. ---Read more>>

                Routine maintenance of granite surface plates

                2015-01-06 By jianxin company

                Granite surface plates are the standard measuring tools; they are the ideal datum for testing instrument and meter, precision instruments and mechanical parts. ---Read more>>

                How to purchase the cast iron cubes

                2014-12-25 By jianxin company

                In daily working, many customers often directly ask: how much of your cast iron cubes is? For cast iron cubes are different in raw material, structure, unit weight, quantity and technical data, the price will be different in some extent also, it??s difficult for us to answer easily. We need all above information in order to give out the exact price. ---Read more>>

                The several points we need pay attention to when purchasing rivet welding surface plates

                2014-12-22 By jianxin company

                The several points we need pay attention to when purchasing rivet welding surface plates. Rivet welding surface plates are the basic working platform of rivet welding, when purchasing, what should we pay attention to? ---Read more>>

                Methods of making and using of grinding surface plate

                2014-11-20 By jianxin company

                Grinding a thin layer of working pieces?? surface with grinding agent and abrasive tools, we can get the surface plate with exact size, shape and higher surface quality, this method is called grinding ---Read more>>

                What is the features of different materials surface plates

                2014-11-05 By jianxin company

                The main differences between cast iron surface plate and granite surface plate are raw materials and processing methods. The raw material of cast iron surface plate is cast iron which is usually gray cast iron or alloyed cast iron. ---Read more>>

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